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Sensapolis: Germany’s Largest Kids Indoor Playground

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Sensapolis: Germany’s Largest Kids Indoor Playground

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Sensapolis (Germany) in the southern part of the country is the largest kids indoor playground featuring a castle, treehouse, a spaceship, zipline, water play area, numerous slides, race track, 4 story play area, climbing walls, baby play area, a science area and much more!  It is great for kids of all ages and an absolute wonderful way to spend the day.




This all ages indoor playground has over 10,000 m 3 of space inside a massive warehouse structure, Sensapolis is a huge indoor play centre. Located a few minutes outside of Stuttgart in Sindelfingen, this indoor park is a great place to spend the day with family.




Similar to an indoor amusement park, Stuttgart’s Sensapolis is geared towards kids and people of all ages and is very popular as a kids play center.


Sensapolis park is open throughout the year and tends to get very busy on the weekends and holidays.  On a busy day Sensapolis admits between 1,500-2,000 people, while on weekdays, it can see as few as 30 people come through its doors even though this massive indoor playground has capacity for thousands. 

The warehouse was built specifically for Sensapolis and has an interesting history particularly since it was being built as the biggest indoor play area in Germany, giving its architects a chance to be creative.


Much like any other playground, Germany builds every kids playground to superior standards. The best kids indoor playground in Germany was built from the inside out. The indoor play castle and the spaceship were constructed first and the walls and top of the building were constructed afterward.


Sensapolis is known for being a great indoor play area for kids in the region and it is especially popular during holidays and days when the weather isn’t as great.





The largest indoor playground in Germany contains 16 slides including an extremely tall indoor playground slide, a café, Sensapolis kart, an indoor go kart track, and 12 separate play areas including a baby indoor playground, a spaceship, treehouse, a playground zip line, and 2 restaurants. Sensapolis is a great kids indoor play area and one of the best kids party places near Stuttgart.

Ponycycle Ranch

(recommended ages 3 and up)

Sensapolis-Ponycycle Ranch #theelusivefamily

The ponycycle ranch is located on the second floor to the left of the entrance.  It contains a variety of ponies in sizes small, medium and large to accommodate kids of different ages and sizes.  


Children sit on the ponies and push against the metals which make the ponies move forward while pushing the child up.  There are no straps on the ponies, and it is a good idea for a parent to walk alongside the child when they are younger.


Rolly Toys Area

(recommended ages 1 and up)

This area has gently rolling hills and lanes for kids to ride kids playground toys which include ground level tractors.  The tractors have bicycle petals and some are difficult to maneuver up the hills.


Kids have a blast going fast around the curves and racing each other on the track.  It is also a great test of strength and mobility when children are challenged to pedal up the small hills.


Science Zone

(recommended ages 7 and up)

Sensapolis-science area main #theelusivefamily

This is one of the best areas of the playground and has an amazing assortment of education rich activities and experiments for kids of all ages.  Optical illusions are among the most common theme found in the science center.


You can make your own tornado, simulate an underground volcanic eruption, spin a giant globe with blue liquid, and test out wheelchairs on a variety of surfaces to understand how they function on different terrains.


Sensapolis-science area 2 #theelusivefamily

One area allows you to input your last name and see how many others have your last name in Germany. There are also several sensory areas including a computer special effects area as well as a computer magnifier that is a hit with kids.

Sensapolis Spaceship

(recommended ages 4 years and up, spaceship slides: required from 8 years of age, 1,20 meters)


The spaceship playground is an enormous reproduction of a spaceraft and was specially designed for Sensapolis. It is the largest spaceship of its kind. It features several slides on each side and 4 levels of space fun.



On the first level you find a collection of capsules with aliens inside of them, as well as their spacesuits behind plexiglass.


There are several laser adventure games including one where you shoot a target to open doors, make an astronaut move and release space creatures.  


Sensapolis-alien shooter game

Another fun laser game has you sitting on small space ships and shooting asteroids and other space shuttles as they hurtle past you on a projected screen.  

There are 4 space ships to sit on, so lots of ways to compete with others. Scores are tallied from each players and the top score wins.

Baby and Little Kids Area

(recommended ages 1 year and up)

Sensapolis-Baby and Little Kids Play Area

The infant’s area is an indoor padded playground located by the Pony Cycle.  The baby area has a variety of soft play toys and mats, a small foam slide, a play house and several musical items and games along the walls, that are great for sensory play.  


Sensapolis-Lego Area

There are also building blocks as well as a small foam seesaw. The area also has several computer screens that allow children to play games and create art.

Treetop Adventure Trail

(recommended ages 5 years and up)

Sensapolis-Treetop Adventure Trail

This amazing indoor treehouse playground begins near the entrance to Sensapolis.  It consists of several trees connected together through trails to make a fantastic treehouse indoor play ground. There is netting on both sides throughout the entire treehouse and kids can explore high above the heads of visitors.

There are some areas where there is a bit of a steeper climb, as if you are actually climbing into a treehouse.  Kids ages 5 and up should be fine going alone, though younger kids might do okay as well. If they do get stuck somewhere in the treehouse, be sure to head up after them!

Fairytale Castle

(recommended ages 4 years and up)

A favorite for those who want to feel like a prince or princess, the fairytale castle is a majestic multi-story castle with an abundance of activities and fun things to do.

As you wander through the halls of the castle you come to the throne room where a stringless harps sits off to the side and is very fun to play.  The entire castle is essentially a royal kids indoor playground.

A royal red throne chair is in the middle of the room and invites all kids to sit like royalty for a moment. The intricately decorated interior of the castle includes bookshelves, chandeliers, red velvet sitting spaces and curtains.

There are several side rooms from the main throne room, one of which has a magical bathtub and potions sitting on shelves.  

One room, titled “The Machine Room” has a steep staircase that connects to a tunnel that lets off in front of a snoring royal king sleeping in his chamber.

At the top of the castle is the ballroom where a sensor detects when people come into the dance space and begins to teach a dance.  Large royal shoes sit in the corner and kids love sticking their feet in them and posing for pictures.


There is a frozen like icicle room that has a magic carpet that is hooked up to a green room sensory computer and provides animation as you soar through adventures. 

 An arts and crafts room is also located inside the castle and new arts and craft activities are available every week. Arts and crafts room is open during the week from 1500-1800 hours and Saturday and Sunday from 1300-1700 hours.

Dragon Water Play Area

(recommended ages 3 years and up)

Sensapolis-Dragon Water Play Area

An area with water and several functioning waterways and other setups, the play area is fun for anyone that is okay with getting a little wet. 

The bottom portion of the dragon has waterways where children can play with boats, throw balls and see the mechanics of river streams.

Sensapolis-Dragon Water Play Tables

In most of Sensapolis, kiddos are running around with just their socks.  However, this area tends to get a bit wet and it’s best to wear shoes as puddles tend to accumulate.

Pirate Ship

(recommended ages 3 years and up)

Sensapolis-Pirate Ship

The pirate ship is a fun place to seek sunken treasure, shoot air balls into the mouth of a shark and look into a treasure chest with jewels and gold coins.  It has two levels and has a fun code breaking game on the upper deck, that is fun for older kids.

Note: A skeleton on the lower level may be a tad scary for smaller children, it is located to the right after you enter the pirate ship, but it is avoidable if you head straight for the stairs and go upstairs.

4 Story Funshooter Zone

(recommended ages 4 years and up)

This amazing zone is massive, and has several stories of climbing, and air shooter guns.  The very center only has one level and has thousands of foam balls that can be put into air machines that spit them up into the air at the press of a button.  

As kids meander through the zone, they come across bridges they can cross, climbing stairs and several slides, including one green spiral dragon slide.

Sensapolis-Funshooter Zone 2

This is an area that is great for kids who are learning to climb, love to shoot air guns, or just love to wander around a maze.  The entire space is netted and many parents come inside with their kids to have some fun.

Climbing Wall

Large wall: (minimum height of 1,10 meters)

Small wall: no minimum height requirement


Sensapolis-Large Climbing Wall

There are two versions of the climbing wall.  There is a small one across from the fun shooter zone that works well for kids ages 3-6 (there is no height requirement for this one).  

It is about 9 feet high and kids can climb it themselves and jump onto the mat below and simply do it all over again.

Sensapolis-Small Climbing Wall

The second climbing wall is a floor to ceiling wall that requires putting on proper equipment and wearing the right shoes.  A trained professional is always in attendance and helps kids put on the gear. Indoor climbing equipment for kids is available at no extra charge.


Kids are attached to a rope and begin the climb to see if they can reach the bell.  There are several different levels of difficulty across the climbing wall.


High Ropes Course

(minimum height of 1,40 meters)

Sensapolis-High Ropes Course

Towering high above the heads of visitors is the indoor high ropes course, a daring course that is reached by climbing up the trunk of a very tall faux tree. 

 After reaching the top, a trained professional is there to help put on the proper gear and attach people to the line as they go challenge themselves on the high ropes course.

This picture is taken from below. The high ropes course dangles over the restaurant and cafe area next to the castle.

Flying Fox Zipline

(minimum height of 1,40 meters)

Located from the same area as the high ropes course, the flying fox is a zipline that begins at the tree and ends at the fairytale castle.  


A trained professional is there at all times to assist on putting on the correct gear and providing instructions.  Another individual is located at the fairytale castle to help people at the conclusion of the zipline.


Sensadrom: Sensapolis go cart

(minimum height of 1,45 meters; minimum age to drive is 8 years)

The Sensadrom is an e-cart race track that hosts 3 levels of track and allows speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour.  The Sensadrom is a separate fee from Sensapolis and can only be accessed at certain times.  

The Sensapolis go kart is a lot of fun for older children and even for adults and is a great way for older kids to spend time at the adventure park.

Sensaresto and Cafe


An onsite café and restaurant provide for an abundance of food options.  Cappuccinos, hot chocolate, crepes, waffles, ice cream and a variety of sweets are available at the café.  


Sensaresto includes a multi-page menu that includes pizza, burgers, salads, Asian dishes and a variety of beverages.  

A helpful allergy restriction guide can be found on the back of the menu, located at every table throughout Sensapolis.

Sensapolis Gift Shop

Sensapolis-Gift Shop

A gift shop is located near the exit of Sensapolis and carries an abundance of toys and balloons. Kids will find Disney characters, Paw Patrol, dinosaurs and a lot of smaller items as well.  

Sensapolis is a popular place for birthday parties so toys for the birthday boy or girl can also be easily found within the shop.

Quindi Restaurant

Sensapolis-Quindi Restaurant

This restaurant is off to the side of the main area of Sensapolis and is a more expensive option for dining.  It has a bar and a variety of seating options. Opening times vary but typically mirror times when the Sensadrom is open.

Sensapolis Birthday Party- Birthday Rooms

Sensapolis is a popular place for birthdays and has several birthday room options.  There is a hut style birthday area located right below the tree house and another on the ground level of the fairy tale castle.


Each birthday room is themed allowing kids to choose from a variety of fun ways to celebrate. 


Birthdays can occur in the main dining area or in specialty themed rooms. The following themes are available:



Party Room

Castle Kitchen (reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast)



Sensapolis-Pirate Birthday Room

The pirate themed room has hanging nets, a shark dangling from the ceiling and scary pirates hanging in the corners.

Sensapolis-Princess Party Room

The princess themed party room has pink painted walls, flowers decorations hanging from the ceiling and a princess themed chair to sit in.

Sensapolis-Party Room

There is a regular party room that is available for booking that is gender neutral and has a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

Sensapolis-Magic Kitchen Party Room

The Castle Kitchen party room is reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast wherein there are huge spoons and fork hanging from the wall.  

This party room, as well as the knight and Cockaigne party room are located under the same party space. It is one large rooms with three separate areas for each of the rooms.

Sensapolis-Cockaigne Party Room

The cockaigne party room has small mushroom seats and is next to a tree like structure with dwarfs peeking out. This party room is perfect for smaller children and with less people.

There are four birthday packages that individuals can pick from including whether they want to have their party in a themed room or out in the general seating area.  All packages include the price of the admission ticket, a decorated table, a set dish and drink and a coffee for adults.


Extras, depending on the party packages extras can include themed rooms, additional gifts, special invitations provided to guests, group photos, ice cream and admission to the Sensadrom.


A 10% discount is available on birthday packages Monday to Thursday (not including holidays).


Learn more about birthday parties at Sensapolis.


Sensapolis Admission and Prices

Free admission:

           -Children up to 3 years of age

           -Birthday kids on the day of their birthday


-One day ticket (ages 4 and up):  €20,50

-Family ticket: €68,00

Family ticket includes 2 parents or legal guardians plus 2 children.  Each additional child is €16,50

-Pregnant women: €13,50

-Guests with disabilities and senior citizens (ages 65+): €13,50


VAT is not currently accepted for daily or annual passes. Sensapolis also offers group offers so be sure to ask about discounts.


Click here for most up to date prices.


Sensapolis-Vertical Slide

Sensapolis Hours and Opening Times

Monday through Friday

from 12.00 to 19.30


Saturday & Sunday

from 10.00 to 19.30


Bank Holidays & Holidays:

from 10.00 to 19.30


Click here for the most up to date information on Sensapolis hours. Sensapolis is open year round with exceptions for holidays and special events.

Tips and Facts

-There is a baby changing facility and nursing room located on the first floor to the right of the entrance across from the castle.  The nursing station has a separate room with chairs and a separate restroom.


-Elevators are available in two locations (far end of spaceship and castle) making Sensapolis stroller friendly on all levels.


-There is an electronics charging station and a coat room located to the right past the turnstiles.


-Park rules stipulate that no food or drinks are allowed to be brought from the outside.


-Lockers are available for a refundable deposit of 1 or 2 euro coins.


-Sensapolis holds several parties throughout the year including a New Year’s Eve bash and a Sensapolis Halloween party.  


 -Special events can be booked at Sensapolis.  Contact the park directly to see what options exist.


After spending a day at this indoor playground, Stuttgart, and the surrounding areas have a lot of other activities and events to offer families. Be sure to check out our best day trips from Stuttgart article on where to go after visiting the city.

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