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Your Guide to the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deals

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Your Guide to the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deals

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Travel Gear, Deals & More

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a bit crazy. Between all the deals and loads of people going out, it gets overwhelming at times. And if you plan on traveling, you may not be sure exactly where to go to find the best deals. No worries, we’ve put together our recommendations for the best flights, tours, gear, and hotels. We’ll be adding more throughout the weekend so stay tuned!

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Black Friday Flights

Ryanair Deals- Flights for €10

This is our go to airline in Europe. It is a no frills airline and gets you from point A to point B. We have zig zagged Europe more than a dozen times this year using Ryanair. It is worth to try them at least once to see if you want to continue. Flights are as low as €10 one way! You can get them directly through the Ryanair Website , Kayak.com or Skyscanner.

easyJet- Holiday Travel Packages

EasyJet decided not to participate in Black Friday deals this year, HOWEVER, they still have travel packages that are worth taking a peek at, especially for the coming winter. Always good to see what this carrier has to offer as they are a popular one in Europe.

Skyscanner – Hundreds of Airline Discounts

This is one of our favorite search tools and one of the easiest to use. We search this site along a few others such as Kayak. Skyscanner is simple and you can play around with dates and airlines very easily, so its straightforward. They partner with over 1,200 airlines and so many of them are having fantastic deals right now. Keep checking back as more airlines pop up with deals, particularly on Cyber Monday.

Kayak- Dozens of Flight Deals

Using several search engines for flights is bests especially on a private browser. Kayak.com is one of our go to search engines as well as a few others we have listed. They have a combination of things including rental cars, flight and accommodations that you can book in one place. Check them out to compare current deals.


MSC- Caribbean Cruise & Discounted Cruise Deals

We have cruised with MSC, and we like it, primarily because…kids are free! This Italian cruise line has great ports of call (we did a Norway fjords cruise) and currently have a great deal for a Caribbean cruise. If you are looking at other destinations, now is a good time to book.

Norwegian- 30% off on all cruises

Norwegian is one of our favorite cruise lines. They are having a fantastic cruise deal right now where you can get 30% off all cruises booked 60 days in advance.


Booking.com – 40% off for genius members

Our most used booking site for hotels, Booking.com is having a 40% off apartments and hotels. Some of our favorite stays have been found through booking so we are loyal customers.


We use a lot of Airbnbs all over Europe. If you are weary of Airbnb- a few tips may help you have a good experience. Find a superhost, or a place with A LOT of reviews and make sure to read the reviews. If you ever have a cancellation on behalf of the host, contact Airbnb, they will work with you to resolve the issue.

Airbnb does not have a Black Friday deal right now, however you can click on the link below to get a $55 credit if it is your first booking!


Get Your Guide (25% discount on select tours)

We’ve used Get Your Guide across many places in Europe and North America. Purchasing tickets to attractions beforehand, especially if you are traveling with kids, is a must. Many attractions feature skip the line tickets, which is a big help if you are tight on time.

Travel Gear

MacBook Air

We typically travel with a laptop, specifically if we need to upload photos and videos on a long trip. Apple MacBooks have always been dependable, and we’re never concerned about viruses with it, which is one major reason we rely on them so much. This Black Friday MacBook Laptop deal makes the MacBook at 30% off its listing price.

Memory Cards

We have so many memory cards. But once we purchased the ones that held so much more memory, I’ve been less worried about running out of space in the middle of our trip. Many of these San Disk Memory Cards are 30% off. If you’re not sure, I would at least purchase a 128 GB, which hold over 4 HOURS of video on a Go Pro.

External Hard Drives

If you take photos, videos when traveling, you need to upload them. A computer backup shouldn’t be your only way of saving photos and the cloud is fine, until it expires and you don’t save your images in 30 days, then they disappear. An external hard drive is the best way to store your photo and videos for life. Here are several Black Friday Deals for external hard drives.


We have dine Kindle Fire tablet for kids and iPads. Right now, there are some great deals on both, but if you are to choose one, we suggest getting an iPad as the battery life is longer and it has better functionality overall.

Amazon Fire Stick

We travel with a Fire Stick because its fairly simple to plug this into a TV’s at an accommodation and stream from it. It’s a great deal today at 50% off its regular price.

Kids Head Phones

There are lots of deals on kids headphones today, and some of them have really great deals. We travel with a pair for both of our kids.

Backpacks and Day Packs

Osprey is our go to brand. This day pack is 25% off right now and this is my go to out in the city and going out with kids daypack. It fits just enough such as diapers wipes, extra clothes and snacks (and our hydroflasks). Major selling point? Chest clips.

Osprey Backpack

We love Osprey backpacks. This 30L is on sale for 25% off!

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great way to organize what you need in a small space. You can separate by person, and organize all your essentials seamlessly. Check out all the packing cube deals right now, or our favorite is below.

Cameras – as much as 50% off!

We always, always travel with a camera. iPhones and smartphones have sophisticated technology and are great for snapping pictures, but they won’t get crystal clear pictures of the landscape and zoom capabilities are limited as is the option to make manual changes. This Canon EOS Rebel T6 is a good camera if you are not a professional but still want to take good pictures when you travel. They are having a killer deal at 50% off AND it comes with 2 lenses (which is a big deal because lenses can get expensive).

Car Seats

We have regular car seats that we have used for travel, and travel car seats we have used specifically for travel. We have used Chicco, Graco, Britax and Evenflo. Here are some options for car seats that have great deals this weekend including car seats that SHIP TO APO!


Britax Convertible Clicktight. We have tried both the Marathon and Boulevard and don’t find too many differences between the two. The Boulevard convertible is 20 % off today.

Inflatable Travel Pillow

We have used this inflatable pillow on trans-oceanic flights. It is best to use them in seats by the window or if in the middle aisle, in the innermost seats where they will not block anyone’s exit. Typically, it is best to wait until la bit after take off to use them. Every flight we have been on where we have used this, has allowed it, though on occasion there may be a flight attendant that may not.

We’ll be adding more of our recommendations these next few days. Tell us if we missed anything you recommend.

Guide to the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Gear, Travel Items, Accommodations, Tours and Flights!
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