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We are a family of four- mom, dad, and two girls, aged 5 and a baby! We are Americans residing in Europe, and have lived here for the last 4 years.  Before that we lived in Washington DC, Chicago and New York, and we have traveled all over North America and Europe, extensively.

In total, we have traveled to five continents and nearly 30 countries and our 5 year old has been very fortunate to have seen more than 15 countries! Our littlest one has already visited 8 countries before her first birthday.

Our travels make us uniquely qualified to provide insider tips on traveling with small children across multiple continents.

Diana, (me!) the mom behind this blog, has lived on and off in Europe for over 7 years including Spain, Italy, Germany and Poland and has deep roots to the continent as a lot of my family maintains its roots in Europe.  Living in Europe as a child and again as a teenager and adult, provides me with a different perspective, especially since most of my family was born and raised in Europe and I travel to see them multiple times a year.

We have traveled  all around Europe, North American, countries in Africa, Asia, and South America and we aim to provide destination guides, tips and tricks, our best and most recommended products for traveling as well as for kids in general.

Not only have we visited high tourist areas, but we have been to places completely off the beaten path, places in which you will not find a single English speaker in the entire city.  Luckily, I speak 4 languages fluently and have been able to use these skills throughout my travels to learn more about where we go and what to do.

How you may ask, and how can we afford it?  We find the the best deals and we have learned how to master traveling with two small children.  It has been a learning experience.

We want to share our tips and experiences and we are here to help you navigate travels, with or without kids! Follow along to share our life + adventures + travel.



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